All of the 22mm motors include a cross style backplate mount, but occasionally, you need a spare or a replacement. The 22mm X Type Cross Holder is designe to fit the back of the 22mm motors and provide a method of mounting the motor to a model's firewall.

The 22mm Cross Mount is made of strong aluminum alloy and finishes in a durable and attractive black Electro-Coat finish. The mount comes packaged with four 3mm machine screws to attach it to the back of your motor. The mount weighs only 1.5 grams by itself; and with the 4 screws, it weighs 2.4 grams. The hole spacing on the back of the mount measures 16mm center to center in one direction, and 19mm center to center on the other.

With this standard hole spacing, the Scorpion 22mm Cross mount will not only fit the Scorpion Motors; it will also fit the GWS 22mm outrunners, the Hacker A20 series outrunner. The Waypoint 22mm Outrunners, the AXI 22mm outrunners; or any other motor with a 16 or 19mm hole spacing.

Package Includes :

  • 1 x X Type Cross Holder 22mm.
  • 4 x Mounting Bolt.

jual X Mounting for brushless motor 2212 2208 2216 2204

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X Mounting for Brushless Motor 2204, 2212, 2208, 2216 Series

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