Radiolink R8FM Mini 2.4G 8CH Receiver FHSS for T8FB Support Sbus PPM 


Radiolink R8FM, 2.4G 8 channels receiver, 2.5 gram weight, S-BUS and PPM signal support, use for Radiolink transmitter T8FB, is the best choice for racing drone. 

Two signal working mode: 

Blue/purple LED, S-BUS signal , 8 channels totally. 

Red LED always, PPM signal, 8 channels totally. 

S-BUS and PPM signal change: 

Quick press the ID SET switch two times within 1 second, the signal is changed from S-BUS to PPM. 

The red LED indicates the PPM and blue/purple indicates S-BUS. 

How to match code with transmitter: 

1. Put the transmitter and the receiver close to each other within 1 meters. 

2. Turn on the transmitter, then power on the R8FM. 

3. Connect CH3 of R8FM to ESC. 

4.There isa black button on the R8FM, pressthe binding button twice in two seconds and release, receiver light start blinking, after about blinking 8 times, match code success then receiver signal LED always on! 


1) Channels: 8 channels 

2) Working voltage: 4.8-6V 

3) Working current: 30mA(input voltage: 5V) 

4) Size: 16.0*21.5*1.0MM 

5) Weight: 2.5g 

6) 2048 section precision, 0.5us per section, servo anti-shake rudder. 

7) Control distance: about 300m ground and 600m air, actually control distance depends on the environment.

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Radiolink R8FM Mini 2.4G 8CH Receiver FHSS for T8FB Support Sbus PPM

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