Jual mini pump  DC 3-12V micro gear pompa air untuk robotic


  • Voltage:DC3-12V(Red:+)
  • Motor diamter:27MM
  • Pump head diameter:44MM
  • Total length:60MM
  • Flow rate: about 1.2 liters / min (5V voltage)
  • Out of the water inlet: 4MM
  • 12V head: 1.5M
  • Weight:70g

Feature :

  • Self-priming pump, positive and negative (changeable outlet)

Note :

  • 7.5V or more power can not work for a long timeā€¢No longer load test time is too long,
  • the other inside the plastic leaves, can not breathe impurities, if the stuck does
  • not turn, you can open the front cover, clean about.

Do not use power:

A dry battery, mobile phone charger, video charger and so on. All the actual current is less than 1.5A or more than 12V power supply, are not available, there may be a pump with no work or burn water pump, etc.

Package include:

  • 1pcs Micro Gear Pump DC3-12V RS-360SH

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Jual Mini Pump DC 3-12V Micro Gear Pompa Air untuk Robotic

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  • Rp 80,000

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